A Manufacturer of Quality Plastic Injection Molds Since 1989

Company History


        Thomas Tool and Mold Company was founded in 1989 by Jim Thomas with the goal to build injection molds for the central Ohio market.  We have grown steadily over the past decade and pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with current trends and technology of the moldmaking industry.  Currently we have ten full time employees, with an average of five years with the company.  We feel that this size company allows us to keep close track of all jobs and respond best to customer needs.

         Growing from one CNC controlled mill and no CAD system in 1989, we have added seven more computer-controlled machines as well as two CAD packages and a CAM package to aid with CNC programming.  Using this technology to its full potential, we feel that we are able to do many projects that could not be done otherwise.

        As of 2004, we serve about 20 primary customers who make up 90% of our work.  These customers come from a variety of industries including automotive, electrical, medical and home appliance.  We seek to work closely with our customers to provide the best service possible and ensure that project goals are met.

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